Saturday, April 04, 2009


Nach ein paar Kommentaren *Hust, hust* ist das Fixie mit Bremsen ausgerüstet worden. Auch wenn's der "Reinen Lehre" widerspricht. Die Hinterradbremse stammt von einem Schrott-Trekkingrrad-Vorderreifen und wurde mit etwas Improvisation passend gemacht. Kabel und Bremshebel sind neu (Andy, danke für das Angebot, ich war da leider schon Einkaufen...), die gebrochene Speiche ist geflickt, und Steck-LEDs für das Fahren im Dunkeln habe ich nun auch. Jetzt fehlen noch der Brooks-Sattel (!) und der Sommer...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lång tid ingen post...

Nothing to post = nothing happening... I have compiled all the little things that have been going on in the last month, none of which turned out to be especially noteworthy, but together, they make for a quite enjoyable little update-post. Here we go:

It has been snowing like Lord Have Mercy in the past weeks, only to turn into ubiquitous slush the next day and linger on while being an inexhaustible source of dirt that accumulates in our hallway. But oh so pretty:

We all sit in the lab and wait for the weather to get better. like Andreas and Ylva comparing zone assays, and me building an HPLC system for LC-MS.

We finally got dinner table chairs: "Nordmyra" ("Nordameise") from furniture store of choice IKEA.

And the best thing ever: I Blocket-bought (1200 SEK!!!) a FIXIE!!
This is a "fixed gear" racebike built on an 80s "Crescent" steel frame. The guy who sold it just built himself a new one. Essentially, it's designed to make policemen cry:
No pedal brake (kein Rücktritt), and when you pedal backwards, it GOES backwards.
You brake by giving resistance to the pedals, and if you go downhill, you better pedal as fast as you roll :-) But I have a "panik brake", just in case.
The chain, pedals, wheels/rims and naves are brandnew, the rest is original old parts, and it weighs virtually nothing.
It is lightning fast but requires some courage. More at!